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Re: More new text for 2821bis (was: Re: Response to appeal from John Klensin dated 13-Jun-2008)

2008-07-09 11:09:42

--On Wednesday, 09 July, 2008 09:35 -0700 SM <sm(_at_)resistor(_dot_)net>

I can also find no authority, in RFC 2026 or elsewhere, for
the IESG adding text to a Standards-track document without
such consultation.  In particular, while Section 6.1.2 of RFC
2026 contains an extended discussion of the IESG changing
categories, forming WGs, etc., it appears clear that the IESG
is to "approve or disapprove", not to start adding text
reflecting its own observations, observations that may or may
not represent community consensus.

At the moment, I cannot find any text from RFC 2026 which
covers the area of disagreement.    RFC 3932 (BCP 92)
discusses procedures and has some text about IESG notes.

But 3932 applies exclusively to independent submissions.  It has
nothing at all to do with Standards Track documents.


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