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Re: Approved (was: Unsticking rfc2821bis)

2008-07-22 15:41:25

--On Tuesday, 22 July, 2008 23:05 +0200 Frank Ellermann
<nobody(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de> wrote:

That was it.  I don't recall interminable 2821bis
discussions on the *rfc822* list, but 2821bis was
certainly discussed on various lists.

It looks like the 2822upd announcement and the 2821bis one got
tangled.  Lisa was clearly the responsible AD for 2821bis, not
Chris, the mailing list is wrong, and, in a perfect world, a few
other little details ought to be tuned.  But I'm happy to just
have it over.


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