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Re: Unsticking rfc2821bis

2008-07-19 13:06:49

On Jul 18, 2008, at 6:03 PM, SM wrote:

Hi Lisa,
At 16:17 18-07-2008, Lisa Dusseault wrote:
Or tell me if you have these concerns, or bring specific issues up
publicly.  It's too easy for guidelines to become rules, tools to
create de facto rules, principles to become restrictions, loose
consensus for specific cases to get applied as globally strong
consensus.  Organizations like the IESG accrete rules no matter who's
in the IESG.  Anybody play Fluxx?  We need the rule reset card!

I'm surprised that you wrote that. :-)

Most forms of governance reach the stage you described above. Dave posted a comment about whether the sorts of changes asked may be symptomatic of an underlying disease. Is the situation so bad that even common sense cannot prevail? Time will tell.

If I'm not mistaken, bodies like the IESG are not there to create rules. It's the community that makes the rules based on consensus. Quoting Dave Clark:

I meant to say that the IETF accretes rules no matter who's in the IESG and I completely agree that the community makes rules based on consensus.

Also, I meant to encourage people with specific issues to raise those specific issues to me or publicly (not to start a general discussion of IESG authority on this list as Dave believes I meant). Appeals and complaints to NomCom are not the only recourses, particularly when we can discuss specific issues and how best to resolve them.