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Re: Unsticking rfc2821bis

2008-07-17 22:10:20

John C Klensin wrote:

 [(1) + (2) +]  
(3) Move the 2119 boilerplate from 2.3 to 1.5.

Right, define terms before they are used.  You could switch it
to "Bruce Lilly style" if you like that better, i.e. enumerate
only tems used in 11:  MAY, MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT.

No upper case SHALL NOT RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL anywhere.  IDnits
doesn't support Bruce's style, ignore the warning if you do it.

| Because this document has a long history and to avoid
| the risk of various errors and of confusing readers and
| documents that point to this one, most examples and the
| domain names they contain are preserved from RFC 2821.

So far it's clear...

| Readers are cautioned that these are illustrative 
| examples that should not actually be used in either
| code or configuration files.


...the second part misses the point.  Readers putting these
examples in code (e.g. try to spam or configuration
files (e.g. try to buy are hopeless.  Telling them
that they should get a grip is a waste of time.  Address the
real problem:

 | Readers are cautioned to use examples as described in
 | RFC 2606 in their texts to avoid the various problems
 | with real or potential domains in examples as explained
 | in the security considerations of this BCP.