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Re: RFC 5321bis / 2821ter

2009-01-27 04:54:48
Tony Finch wrote:
On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Paul Smith wrote:

There is a small business who has bought Microsoft SBS. What are they
supposed to use for the EHLO parameter if it is important enough to mean
the difference between delivery or not?

If they have SBS set up correctly then it should just work. 

Under the 'current' way yes, but if it is changed so that the EHLO
parameter must correspond to the IP address of the sending host, then it
won't work, and I can't think of anything which would make it work. It
would HAVE to go via a third party smarthost, many of these are
unreliable and/or slow, so people prefer not to use them if they can.

Paul Smith

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