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UUEncoding File Attachment

2010-01-28 08:43:28

I know this is an old method for file attachments, but I would be interesting to know the extent of existing systems have decided to pull support for uuencoded file attachment at the inbound side.

I ask because I came around at least one system, GMAIL.COM, who does not support uuencoded file attachments in their WEB interface.

We still have 3rd party mail bot scripts use this format and I am wondering if our SMTP router to help the process by converted it to MIME based file attachments.

Did your software take the same action GMAIL.COM has done?

I think this is something that just feel thru the crack at GMAIL.COM as I can't imagine a system not being liberal in acceptance old and new file attachment systems, but conservative in what they send out using MIME.


Hector Santos

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