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Re: UUEncoding File Attachment

2010-01-28 14:33:51

Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

Hector Santos wrote:
It was only after a large number of paying Google Apps customers complained that support was finally added.

Its so incredible that a project team manager would allow that. What? He thought the complaints would go away?

That's just the maturation of Google. Originally, everyone who used Gmail did so for free, and I really doubt many of them were receiving Oracle reports (which are still in uuencode). Today there is a significant number of commercial customers. Priorities change.

Right, but more significant, I think, it is a hitting a wider segment of commercial systems. For example, operators are using a account as a secondary or primary emergency and system operations contacts in case their own system goes down or there is a schedule outage, etc. I just got a CC to my account from verizon for a february 17 10 min maintenance. That account started a "JUNK" account for "junk" signups or aliasing at some forums or list to minimize usage of my corporate addresses.


Hector Santos

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