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Re: UUEncoding File Attachment

2010-01-28 13:37:01

Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

Hector Santos wrote:
I know this is an old method for file attachments, but I would be interesting to know the extent of existing systems have decided to pull support for uuencoded file attachment at the inbound side.

I ask because I came around at least one system, GMAIL.COM, who does not support uuencoded file attachments in their WEB interface.

Gmail has supported uuencoded inbound attachments for several months. Originally it did not, and while multiple end users requested support, the development team refused, considering uuencode to be an obsolete format and not worth the trouble to implement and support. It was only after a large number of paying Google Apps customers complained that support was finally added.

Its so incredible that a project team manager would allow that. What? He thought the complaints would go away?

I just finished an exchange with a GMAIL person and found it does support it. What was not clear is what rules were used as we found Thunderbird didn't like certain messages. Begin 444, Begin 777, single or two quotes, ie.


The guy noted that if TBIRD found MIME-Version header it didn't support uuencoded attachments. That I would loved to test/confirm later on.


Hector Santos

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