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slight update to draft-macdonald-antispam-registry

2011-05-05 13:46:32

Hi Folks,

There is a slight update, where I added a code for greylisting. I've
also updated the contact information to reflect my current job.

Draft can be found here:

Suggested values for SMTP Enhanced Status Codes for Anti-Spam Policy


   This document establishes a set of extended SMTP policy codes for
   anti-spam.  It seeks to provide additional codes for error texts that
   currently use the extended SMTP error code 5.7.1.  The anti-spam
   codes were determined by looking at error texts produced by major
   ISPs and finding commonalities.  The result is a new set of error
   texts with associated extended SMTP error codes.

There is an implementation at my former job:

$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
550 5.8.3 Listed on RBL Zen: See

Here I tried to connect to the inbound MX at e-Dialog, from my home
over Comcast cable. This is a residential connection so the listing
makes sense (it is actually a PBL listing).
I've changed the IP to keep spammers at bay.

If you've implemented this draft, please let me know.

Jeff Macdonald
Ayer, MA