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Re: slight update to draft-macdonald-antispam-registry

2011-05-09 09:11:02

On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 9:47 PM, Murray S. Kucherawy 
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Subject: Re: slight update to draft-macdonald-antispam-registry

Some discussion from them about how they implemented it, what hurdles
there were, what results they've seen -- you know, implementation
report type stuff -- would be really interesting.

I agree. Why not add some experiences of your own?

I haven't implemented your draft, so I've none to share.  I'm just offering 
advice to head off the questions you're inevitably going to get down the line 
in the standards process.

So some drafts are lucky, in that all they are describing is what is
widely practiced. Makes it easy to fly through the standards process.

Other drafts are new ideas. Of course they'll take a while to get
through the process.

This draft is a mixture of stuff that is being practiced and a new
idea to create a new subject code for it.

So, an implementation report is probably a bit premature.

If you've looked at the draft, and I mean those besides Murray, what
has kept you from implementing it?

Jeff Macdonald
Ayer, MA

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