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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-16 13:41:09

Hector Santos wrote:

In the last line our receiver got, the archived [message] had the long unwrapped paragraph with an ending like so:

   blah blah, when normative language ought to have been used.<CR><LF>

and during the QP conversion, it chopped it up into shorter lines:

   blah blah, when normative language ought to have been used=<CR><LF>

So it cut it off at the sentence ending period and put it on its own line and that is where the receiver saw the DATA terminator sequence <CRLF>.<CRLF>.

Is this something that is addressable? Something the QP RFC needs to make a note off if not already there?

One other question I forgot to ask as a possible solution is whether there is some receiver "expected" responsibility during the DATA state to transparently undo the QP conversion line by line so that it can detect lines like the above and see its actually one line and not a <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> sequence?

That would sound to me to be unreasonable to expect.


Hector Santos

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