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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-16 18:23:38

Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
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sorry, I misunderstood what was being suggested.   if the server gets
DATA followed by a message (or a message fragment) followed by
CRLF.CRLF, it should accept the message (or fragment) and deliver it.
no matter what else follows, or doesn't follow, during the same SMTP
session .

+1.  Bonus points for sending forensic information upstream, or to the MLM 
developer, so whoever it is can fix the problem.

It's possible I also got the same message fragments, but I'd need to know which 
ones they were to go check.

Although it may not be a big deal, to respect those involved, I will send the info to you off-list. You will be able to see the original submission, and check your receiver for the transformed distribution to see how it handled it. For me, I never got the message (was not delivered) but when looking at the meta logging of the DKIM verification AUTH-RES, I saw this IETF message and then the archive message against the truncated and saved canceled message.


Hector Santos

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