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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-19 20:30:50

Hector Santos wrote:

Well, I can't stand for this. A local policy option to lower the server idle client timeout to 1 minute (default) after the 1st transaction has been finished will be provided. I'm calling it Final-Idle-Time.


I added this this exploratory option and tested it against FaceBook sending emails to me and they are somehow keeping the line active:

20:24:26.252 C: DATA
20:24:26.460 S: 250 Message received for delivery. (bytes: 8223)
20:24:26.460 ** Changing Post Data Idle time to: 1 mins
20:24:31.545 C: QUIT

The change to 1 minute was tested manually with a telnet connection and its kicks out the session in 1 minute after message transaction.

Now that represents intentional abuse of receivers, definitely anti-social!


Hector Santos

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