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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-20 06:49:42

On 20.08.2011 08:38, Hector Santos wrote:
Well, It (Connection Sharing) is still a poor one-side only benefit logic and
probably this fact was realized long along and simply not employed in any
significant way and if it is, probably isolated to specific host and for the
rest, if employed, has a very short (perhaps 5 secs) hold time.

SMTP offers the option to shove several transactions into a single session,
thereby re-using costly TCP and TLS handshaking for multiple messages.  How
can a server take advantage of that option?

One possibility is to sort queued messages by MX, but this implies a delay
and is error-prone.  Another possibility is to sort recipients by
domain-part, which can be done by the submitter.

For example, a mass mailer script that produces personalized messages for
each recipient can simply hand them to the MSA in the right order.  The
number of seconds that a connection remains dormant needs just be enough for
the next message to be generated and submitted.


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