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Re: Mail Data termination

2011-08-22 06:51:50

Paul Smith wrote:

To be honest, I'd never thought any major sender would use connection caching when sending mail as it is (to my viewpoint) a very antisocial thing to do. So, until this discussion, it had never entered my mind that we needed to do anything about it. We do have to fight against 'DoS' attacks, which might, in fact, turn out to be 'legitimate' connection caching, but because we've been treating it as attacks, we've been handling it differently than if it was a legitimate, but unwanted, behaviour.

+1.  I felt the same way.

Maybe an info or BCP document would be useful

I'm on the fence on how it can be approached since opening up this door will most likely require some cleanup of related topics pointing to 5321 and still having 1 conflict with 821, starting why QUIT is required in 5321 and not in 821. And if you recall not too long ago, the long debate about not slowing down the DATA EOD response. Well, that concern should be moot now with the CS client holding times negating all efforts to speed up DATA EOD filtering. :)


Hector Santos

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