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Re: Received: and sending IP

2011-09-03 00:48:04

Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
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To the point where if we were to support such a change at this point, it would
be optional, off by default, and I doubt we'd recommend enabling it.

I'm not really proposing to make this change in a 5322bis or anywhere else. I'm just curious as to why the current syntax won out over something that seems less dissonant.

Just to make sure I am following the question, are you referred to the angle bracketed domain literal?

If so, insights predating 1995-2000 DRUMS years with the 1982 RFC821 and the 1989 "Holy Bible" RFC1123 and the already existing Received: header format would help with the prior art. RFC1123 cleared it up:

      5.2.8  DATA Command: RFC-821 Section 4.1.1

         Every receiver-SMTP (not just one that "accepts a message for
         relaying or for final delivery" [SMTP:1]) MUST insert a
         "Received:" line at the beginning of a message.  In this line,
         called a "time stamp line" in RFC-821:

         *    The FROM field SHOULD contain both (1) the name of the
              source host as presented in the HELO command and (2) a
              domain literal containing the IP address of the source,
              determined from the TCP connection.

         *    The ID field MAY contain an "@" as suggested in RFC-822,
              but this is not required.

         *    The FOR field MAY contain a list of <path> entries when
              multiple RCPT commands have been given.

Is this what you are referring to?

What alternative format would you proposed?


Hector Santos

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