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Re: Recipient is offline

2011-09-05 20:11:17

John Levine wrote:
Yes, but if a ODMR client did that (rejected after telling the server to send), the server will discard and denied access to ODMR. Right?

No, of course not.  What language in RFC 2645 leads you to that
peculiar conclusion?

None that I can quickly see/read offhand. It wasn't a conclusion. Perhaps a deny is too much but using a "454 Keep Mail On Server" most likely won't be tolerated in the same way the POP3 client doesn't have any control of backend Mail Storage Policies (see RFC1939 section 8). I agree it would be a loophole to any current mail pickup controls using POP3.

Also, since server will be driven by reply codes and not the response text, he is can't be a mind reader. If 45x is deemed wasting the server's time of repeating sending old mail the ATRN client already has, I could see a denial of using ATRN for this client:

    C:  ATRN,
    P:  550 Sorry, Use POP3


Hector Santos

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