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Re: The anti-abuse rDNS check that FTP gave up

2011-10-05 13:32:15

in which world do you live? Many if not most of the major ISPs reject mail 
servers which do not have a PTR record. From the view of a customer this 
makes a mail server without a PTR record wrongly configured, even if you do 
not like this.

mediocrity is excellence at pursuing the mean.   just because "major ISPs" 
reject mail for bad reasons is not a justification for others to do so.

Stupid spam filtering mechanisms are a DoS attack on email.

Right, but this mechanism is not stupid, instead it is clever ;-)

nope.  it makes no sense whatsoever.  it is using a completely irrelevant test 
to decide whether mail is legitimate.  and it's easily defeated by spammers.  
it's not only a complete waste of time, it's worse in that it causes legitimate 
mail to be dropped.

rejecting mail for this reason should be a criminal offense.