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Re: We need an IETF BCP for GREY LISTING

2011-10-17 12:18:42

Keith Moore wrote:
On Oct 17, 2011, at 12:25 PM, Hector wrote:
It seems there is a majority consensus that a IETF document for Greylisting 
would be a worthy effort.
I'm still unconvinced.  I haven't seen any evidence to support this at all.

hmmm,  unless I mis-read people's input, many people contributing to the 
thread recognized there are issues and most have indicated a note that a IETF 
document for greylisting would be a good thing.

I believe you cited an interest in an SMTP extension for a retry hint.

I mentioned how it could be done, but also expressed concern that it might not 
be worth the trouble... also I said that greylisting wasn't the reason for such 
an extension.

Personally I think writing up an RFC on greylisting will only dilute its 
effectiveness as a spam countermeasure.