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Re: Trusted agency

2011-10-19 17:51:01

Hi Doug,
At 13:49 19-10-2011, Douglas Otis wrote:
Are you saying that it is not in the IETF's interest to establish methods that allow receivers a means to identify those generating noise from those making music?

The IETF's interest is determined by its participants. Let's not get carried away by analogies.

The current technology is heavily biased. It gives an advantage to those considered "too big to block" where current identification methods do not allow the defense of one's


reputation. Such a situation keeps everyone stuck with the noise or turning to a better system. :^(

It's unlikely that it can be changed by restating every now and then that method X is bad. There are people who are do not care to delve into the technical details. They will use the method without looking into the caveats.

By most definitions, it is not spam when you wish to receive a buddy's message. I guess you are saying that you are not happy with all of their messages. There is no protocol that can determine what makes you happy. :^)

No, I was saying that accounts get compromised. I thought that RFC 5514 would be able to determine what makes me happy. :-)