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Re: 4yz Temporary Rejections is part of the SMTP Protocol

2011-10-27 20:53:16

Hi Hector,
At 16:25 27-10-2011, Hector Santos wrote:
 considerations.   You can see this with the change in 450:

The subject line says "temporary rejections". The term used in the SMTP specification is "temporary error status code".

Honestly, I was surprise I have didn't get any resistance based on that concept (parsing of text) alone because frankly, it would be very hard to argue against and might have been a show stopper for me.

The hunting season is not open yet. :-)

From RFC 5321:

  "Unfortunately, variations, creative interpretations, and outright
   violations of Internet mail protocols do occur; some would suggest
   that they occur quite frequently."

The draft discusses about a creative interpretation of SMTP. Dave Crocker commented on why greylisting works [1].

BTW, RFC 1651 has been obsoleted by RFC 5321. The correct reference for DKIM is RFC 6376.


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