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RE: 4yz Temporary Rejections is part of the SMTP Protocol

2011-10-29 01:40:40

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Subject: Re: 4yz Temporary Rejections is part of the SMTP Protocol

 From RFC 5321:

   "Unfortunately, variations, creative interpretations, and outright
    violations of Internet mail protocols do occur; some would suggest
    that they occur quite frequently."

That's a pretty strong argument in favour of creating something new rather than 
overloading something old.  But that too runs headlong into likely 
interoperability concerns.  There's a bit of induced paralysis there that needs 
to be overcome.

Someone else suggested nothing parses SMTP replies beyond the three digits.  
That's not true in ESMTP; the enhanced status codes (if used) and the reply to 
EHLO itself are structured.  It's not true in pure SMTP either, where I think 
some of the replies are specified beyond the three digits (the 220 greeting, 
the reply to HELO, and the 221 message, as I recall).

John suggested a new reply code series, but that scares me a bit; what would a 
staunch legacy implementation be likely to do with that?


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