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Re: new draft: draft-santos-smtpgrey-01

2011-10-28 03:15:50

Tony Finch wrote:

The original motivation for this draft was to work around problems caused by silly retry or greylisting configurations. Fixing the silly configurations is the right way to deal with he problem.

How do we fix the silly configs?  With suggestions for values?

Ok, I bite, what are your recommendations for:


   Blocking Time:  ___ secs/mins
   Record (sender recording) Expiration Time:  ____ secs/mins/hours/days


   Retry Frequencies

   - initial try  ___ secs/mins
   - 2nd try      ___ secs/mins
   - 3rd try      ___ secs/mins
   - 4th try      ___ secs/mins

and I presume the fix means that EVERYONE has to use the same values at all servers and clients?


Hector Santos