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2015-12-10 11:43:57
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for many individuals there is only a short-term linkage between
themselves and the IP address (think dialup, DHCP systems for broadband
and carrier grade NAT solutions for mobile) so you can seldom use it for
long-term tracking of activity ("what else has this person done")

I have been told that in the case of a home ISP, the linkage lasts long
enough that if you send me a job application email from that a
visit to our website three days ago from was quite likely made
from the same house.

My home cable connection has had the same IP for 15 months... but I
would expect to get a different IP if I powered the cable modem down for
more than a few minutes.

There are no general rules here and almost every possible case is common

I believe this is in part why some legislations consider an IP address
personal data.

It's not to do with lifetimes per se because there may exist
organisations that can link the IP to a person....  the test is

        any information
        relating to
        an identified or identifiable
        natural person

and you should read


for a detailed analysis of each of those four elements.

And then you can amuse yourself for seeing how the UK failed to
transcribe this especially well (so the test is different here) and then
note that the EU is almost certainly going to go forward with a
Regulation next week (so that the UK can't "cheat" in future)

A "crypgraphic blob" would still be linked to the customer, but not to
any other activity.

all recipients of the email (and the blob) will of course become
processors of personal data (but we all knew that already, didn't we)

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