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Re: [ietf-smtp] Mail forwarding to Gmail problem/question

2016-02-04 11:18:47
The problem with setting up POP3 fetching is that it requires a massive 
leap in technical ability for the user. It takes 2 seconds to set up 
'forward to bob(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com' in our software. To do POP3 fetching, 
need to set up port forwarding in firewalls, tell Google the server 
details etc. They may need to change from a dynamic IP address to a 
static one (or set up or whatever), and so on. So, users will 
stick with forwarding despite the problems it causes for their MSP.

I suppose when we propose POP3 fetching we assume that one's mail
system already has some POP or IMAP users.  Is your system really 100%
forwarded addresses?  If not, what's with the firewall stuff?  How do
your current POP or IMAP users pick up their mail?

It's true, they need to tell Google the server details, but it's the
work of a few minutes to set up a cookbook web page that tells them how
to plug the POP details into the three mail systems to which people
are likely to want to forward their mail.  It is if anything easier
than setting up a desktop MUA, and we've been telling our users how to
do that for decades.


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