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Re: [ietf-smtp] [imapext] Fwd: Request to form a new WG: JMAP

2016-11-08 11:16:03

These are just questions, not opposition, but the answers should
probably be clear in any charter or chartering effort.

(1) We've had a long history of variations on The Format to End
All Formats, none of which have lasted a very long time.  I
think JSON is better than most, but, if yet another wonderful
format shows up in a few years and takes over, is it worth
thinking now about what a transition plan would look like?

(2) Some of us believe, ... because they operate
in plain text, ...

I thought JSON was 7-bit, and required encoding to use 8-bit data portable.

So, if I am correct, then JSON is not a gain when it comes to non-text data?

(3) ...  Seems
to me that would promote much more compatibility and flexibility.

The complexity of the requests and replies are the issue. If its mostly converting IMAP to JSON, the same problems are going to exist.


Doug Royer - (http://DougRoyer.US)

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