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Re: [ietf-smtp] IETF Policy on dogfood consumption or avoidance - SMTP version

2019-12-20 03:18:27
On 19/12/2019 23:04, Keith Moore wrote:
On 12/19/19 5:52 PM, Hector Santos wrote:

The fact is, there is a SMTP protocol rule of using a HELO/EHLO [ip-literal] that MUST match the connection IP.

The more the IPv4 network is polluted with NATs, the less viable this rule will be.   But we can hope that the IPv4 public network will be decommissioned soon.  :)

I wish - we have a leased line here in the UK - the provider STILL can't give us IPv6 on it, and can't give any idea of when it will be available.


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