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Re: [ietf-smtp] my perspective: viewing SMTP specifications and practice through an IIoT lens

2019-12-23 14:03:29
On 12/23/19 2:08 PM, Alessandro Vesely wrote:

Anyway, real SMTP clients use DNS.  I'd consider IIoT devices as submission

Color me skeptical.   From an idealist perspective I would like such devices to submit mail to MSAs using port 587, or better, TLS over port 465.   I'm just not sure that will fly as there seems to be a lot of mindshare in that world around submitting mail using port 25.   More generally, there's a lot of preference for using as little configuration as possible, especially per-device configuration.

But I'd probably support recommendations for IIoT clients to use 587 or 465 with authentication, especially if TLS could be profiled in such a way as to permit the authenticated party to be the client end rather than the server end.


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