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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposed Charter for EMAILCORE WG-to-be

2020-07-22 07:42:47
Thanks Alexey.

I personally like to leave a few small grammar or editorial issues in my
proposed charters, so the IESG will feel vindicated in requesting edits.


On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 8:40 AM Alexey Melnikov 

On 22/07/2020 13:36, Dave Crocker wrote:

On 7/22/2020 5:26 AM, Tim Wicinski wrote:
In the last paragraph, would it harm to drop "and assuming the
participants still have the momentum to do so" ?  Recharting will
require reevaluation anyway.

Good point.  But it doesn't go far enough.  Rather, drop the entire

Upon completion of these three milestones, and assuming the
participants still have the momentum to do so, the working group may
undertake similar review and revision of other email specifications.
Such future work will require rechartering.

Typically, text like this in a charter is gratuitous, since it
explicitly has nothing to do with work that is currently within scope.
It's only saving grace can be indirect, to aid in the definition of
what is out of scope for current work.  But that's best achieved by
simply saying what is out of scope.

Yes, happy to drop this.

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