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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposed agenda for EMAILCORE BOF

2020-07-22 07:43:45
On 22/07/2020 13:27, Dave Crocker wrote:

On 7/22/2020 4:49 AM, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
Core Email Applicability Statement: - 35 mins

More time is budgeted for this than for charter discussion.

You will see that various topics are split between RFC 5321 and Applicability Statement. We will spend some time at the BOF to discuss typical types of issues/suggested changes raised and which ones WG-to-be should tackle. This will affect the proposed Charter text, that is why I proposed to spend more time on this section. Having said that BOF chairs are going to be fluid with time keeping: we might spend more time on some topics as long as the [virtual] room is making progress and we might cut some discussions short if we are ratholing.

Applicability Statements have long been popular in the IETF.  They are an obviously good idea.

Less obvious is whether they are worth the effort.

Who uses them and what is the evidence they are worth the effort?

This would be a good topic to raise at the BOF.

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