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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposed agenda for EMAILCORE BOF

2020-07-22 23:14:43
I would like it to be clarified as to whether the purpose of the BOF is to bash the charter for the proposed EMAILCORE WG.

If the purpose of the EMAILCORE WG is indeed to bring the current message format and SMTP specifications to Full Standard, I further propose that any features not in those specifications should be out-of-scope for the WG, unless perhaps any new features are (a) already at Proposed Standard; (b) widely implemented enough to also be considered for Full Standard; and (c) necessary for inclusion in the core specifications in order for the complete set of revised specifications (core + new features) to qualify for Full Standard.

(I suppose if someone wants to make a case that the core email specifications are not suitable for advancement to Full Standard but instead should be recycled at Proposed, while the charter is being bashed would also be the time to make that argument.)

I would therefore propose that any features that don't meet those criteria either be ruled out-of-scope for the BOF, at least deferred until the WG charter has been bashed.   Perhaps if there's time remaining it would make sense to use that time to discuss features that couldn't be taken up by the working group.

What I don't think makes any sense at all, at least given the current IETF standards process, is to combine a discussion of adding new features, with a discussion of advancement to Full Standard.


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