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Re: [ietf-smtp] Proposed agenda for EMAILCORE BOF

2020-07-28 05:18:03
On Fri 24/Jul/2020 13:11:35 +0200 Alexey Melnikov wrote:
On 23/07/2020 19:58, John Levine wrote:
In article 
<58f73c78-ed2e-98dc-85e7-380ecd5d5bda(_at_)network-heretics(_dot_)com> you 
I imagine that you would include SPF and DKIM in this list.

Would you include DMARC, and the new list-friendly version, of which I know
My strong preference would be to include none of these, and only SMTP
and MIME specifications.
I agree. DKIM and SPF sit on top of SMTP and are not part of it. DMARC
and ARC are even more sitting on top and are less part of it.

Right. And we have a separate WG for DMARC already.

Nevertheless, some coordination is needed. The discussion in Section 7.1 of RFC 5321, "Mail Security and Spoofing", needs revision. This question is already addressed in Appendix G.4, "Originator, or Originating System, Authentication" of John's I-D.

For RFC 5322, Dave's Author: and Sender: I-Ds might happen to become RFCs before rfc5322bis. Can they be considered in that case? Certainly, it won't make sense to publish contrasting specifications, such as, for example, the number of email addresses allowed in a From: field.


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