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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Emailcore] Proposed ESMTP keyword RCPTLIMIT

2021-03-15 11:23:11
On 3/15/2021 7:59 AM, Ned Freed wrote:
> I think this extension is an important thing to have, so I've put together the
> beginnings of a specification:

Thanks for doing this.

No sweat.

Quick comments:

In the Introduction, I suggest adding:

      SMTP servers have always been able to announce a limit, in a
reply, which means that the client first needed to issue a command.  The
mechanism specified here avoids the overhead of that interactions, by
announcing limits prior to any substantive interaction.

Nice. Added.


      The Limits mechanism provides an announcement at the start of a
session.  Some servers vary their limits, as a session progresses, based
on their obtaining more information.  The Limits mechanism does not
cover in-session limitation changes.

This was on the to-do list, but I was struggling with the language. This helps.

However, I did have another idea here: It would be possible for a server to
indicate that a limit change has occured through the use of a special enhanced
status code - probably limited to ones on successful repsonses. This would
instruct the client to reissue EHLO at the next opportunity to obtain updated

I think this is overengineered and opted not to include it, but I'd like
feedback from others on the point.


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