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Re: [ietf-smtp] Quoted-Printable-8bit

2021-03-30 11:42:30
> Nope. MIME was carefully designed to support both 8bit and binary format. We
> briefly considered defining the necessary transport - and in hindsight not 
> so was an error - but back when RFC 1521 and 1522 came out the situation
> surrounding 8BITMIME was unclear, so we didn't pursue it.

For binary parts you just scan for --delimiter\r\n ?  I guess that would

Having implemented it, I can say it works very well indeed.

>> The advantage of BDAT over DATA for 8BITMIME is pretty modest, and can
>> even be negative for the implementations that send small 8K BDAT
>> chunks.
> Acutally, the advantages can be quite significant client-side, depending
> on your implementation.

I see how you could use sendfile() to blat a message to a socket if it's
stored with \r\n line endings.  Is it more than that?

That plus pipelining.


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