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Re: DNSEXT WGLC Summary: AXFR clarify

2002-12-19 11:06:17

      I agree with the notion that all folks in positions of perceived
power (e.g. IAB, IESG, WG Chairs, IRTF Chair) should be required to
disclose publicly all of their relationships (e.g. employment,
presence on other Internet-related positions such as board of a
registry, technical advisory board memberships, and so forth) that
might possibly be conflicts of interest.  The goal should be to err on
the side of too much disclosure, rather than too little.

I like that we have individuals at the ietf meetings rather than company
representatives, in the long run it creates less politics.

I don't think anyone who attempts to move drafts for financial gain will
ever gain much; these documents we develop here (less the informational
track) stand on their own.