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Re: DNSEXT WGLC Summary: AXFR clarify

2002-12-23 09:39:45
On Thursday 19 December 2002, at 10 h 3, 
Rick Wesson <wessorh(_at_)ar(_dot_)com> wrote:

I like that we have individuals at the ietf meetings rather than company

Yes, it is written in RFC 3160 and in many papers about the IETF process. 
But we all know it is pure theory. Not many individuals can pay for the 
trip to Yokohama or Atlanta (and the time it takes to actually read and 
understand the issues). It is a company which decides who goes and what 
for. It is a company which organizes its IETF activity.

It reminds me of the discussion in high-level sports where people still 
pretend that some athletes are "amateurs". There are no longer amateurs 
in the IETF.

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