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Re: What to incorporate (Re: Options for IETF administrative restructuring)

2004-09-02 10:55:43
On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

scenarios C and D envision incorporating the *support function* for the 
IETF. The IETF would remain an undefined entity under these scenarios.

I've had another suggestion that the IETF (the real technical process 
entity) should become a formally recognizable entity of some sort (possibly 
an unincorporated organization). 

The IETF is already describted as an activity of the ISOC, which is

I think the IETF also has paid employees. Aren't these people paid by the
ISOC?  If not, please correct this information.

But that's distinct from the idea of incorporating the support function,
and is NOT described in the current document.

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