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Re: Explosive bolts [Re: Options for IETF administrative restructuring]

2004-09-08 01:35:14
Carl Malamud wrote:
like many things outside the core technical field, these things are hard,
and harder than they look, and hard enough that you need a better lawyer.
as long as IETF remains an unincorporated association, i think you need
every new IESG and IAB member to add their signature to all current MoU's
and other agreements.  but you should find a lawyer.  a better lawyer than
the one who was standing by last time this stuff was discussed or signed.
Paul Vixie

What Paul says is sort of true.  Traditionally, at common law, all members
of an unincorporated association were, in certain circumstances,
personally liable for the actions of the association.

And that's exactly why the liability insurance policy held by ISOC
covers IETF "officials" today.


However, under the 1996 uniform nonprofit unincorporated association act, which has been passed by 9 states, unincorpated associations can,
under certain circumstances, have standing, limitations of liability,
and the ability to hold and transfer property.

The -01 rev of my draft, to be released shortly, contains more details on this mechanism.


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