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There is no proposal on the table for *IETF* incorporation (Was: Explosive bolts [Re: Options for IETF administrative restructuring]

2004-09-08 15:14:40
On 9/8/04 at 4:54 PM -0400, Lynn St.Amour wrote:

Should the IETF incorporate as a separate entity...

To date, there has been no proposal, in Carl's document or otherwise as far as I know, for *the IETF* to incorporate as a separate entity. There have been proposals to incorporate a body to deal with IETF administrative functions (like contracting for meetings, contracting for ISP and web service, etc.), referred to in Carl's document as "IETF Foundation". Incorporating that sort of entity wouldn't change the insurance coverage for members of the IETF, would it?

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