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Re: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary formats at

2005-11-05 17:45:43
Mohsen BANAN wrote:

Of course many now visit the site primarily
for the restaurant guide.

Is big business now so entrenched at the ietf that use
of Microsoft's PowerPoint is being encouraged at the website?

PPT slide shows of the tutorials are converted to HTML, e.g.

That's perfectly readable from my POV, unlike some forms of
PDF ("cannot extract embedded font" is now an ISO standard).

True to form, like an experienced cult leader, you have
again trivialized a real problem.

| .TXT Plain text (Unix / Mac / Dos)
| .DOC MS Word Document (v 95 - latest version)
| .PDF Adobe Portable Document Format (Acrobat 3 - latest version)
| .PPT MS PowerPoint (v 95 - latest version)
| For incorporation into the proceedings, presentation slides
| submitted in ppt and doc WILL BE converted to html and pdf,
| respectively.

I can only hope that they pick HTML for all slides that might
interest me later.

Publication of anything in Microsoft PowerPoint format
at the website is utterly inappropriate and wrong.

With PPT I'm sure that I can't read it, with PDF I never know
without "experiment", that can be rather expensive with V.90.

a vendor-specific proprietary format

                                Bye, Frank

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