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RE: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary formats at

2005-11-07 18:12:35

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Subject: Re: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary 
formats at

Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:

IETF documents are dreadful to print out

type rfc1234.txt > prn  is pretty simple, they come complete 
with formfeeds.  Admittedly the number of RfCs or I-Ds I ever 
printed is zero.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>rfc1234 > prn
'rfc1234' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Don't send them to your "xyz" printer driver, they are 
already formatted, send them directly to /dev/lpt1 or similar.  Or use
a "dumb" driver.   Or better don't waste paper to print RfCs,
they are available online whereever you are... -)

My printers at CERN were usually loaded with A4 paper, US 'letter' is
not readily available there.

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