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Re: Henning's proposal (Re: ASCII art)

2005-11-23 15:05:20
                (NOTE: I'm still unconvinced of the utility of this
                exercise; at the end of the day, most of what I need
                a document to do I get out of .txt, .html, and .doc,
                including access to databases of BibTex references
                via EndNote)

Unless you are proposing to keep DOC files as permanent references, I don't see how you can get reasonable (rather than guess-work) HTML back after the RFC editor is done with the document. This approach would only work if all consumers of the document use Word, including future editors of follow-on ("bis") versions. Then we might as well join 3GPP and declare Word to be the official format of the IETF.

That said, I'm hoping that there are Word experts out there who can help Joe...


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