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Re: Henning's proposal (Re: ASCII art)

2005-11-23 12:45:53
(trimming this branch of the thread to only one point...)

--On onsdag, november 23, 2005 14:24:53 -0500 Henning Schulzrinne <hgs(_at_)cs(_dot_)columbia(_dot_)edu> wrote:

- SVG or a subset thereof is authorized for illustrative (non-normative)
diagrams. The XML schema already supports the ability to link
alternative renditions of graphics, so this requires minimal effort.

I suspect that there are dragons here too.... but I've never tried to do
anything with SVG, so I don't know the tools for it....

I'm sure we can find reasons not to try anything new. We could take an
attitude that experiments might help us decide whether these are real
problems. I'm not very good at anticipating all the problems - and
comparing any problems to the positive effects that change might bring.

To be specific.... if you can make up an example XML I-D with an embedded SVG diagram, and tell me which tool I can use to manipulate the diagram inside the XML I-D, I'll have a much bigger basis (1 example rather than zero) on which to evaluate whether I think it's feasible or not.

I'm hesitant to *mandate* something that I don't even know how to *try*, so I prefer to do the trying first... or point to people who have tried it successfully.... that may be the only point I'm making...

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