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802.11a (RE: Meeting Survey Results)

2006-01-25 11:57:01
[the dreaded subject-changer strikes again]

--On 25. januar 2006 12:20 -0600 "Odonoghue, Karen F CIV B35-Branch" <karen(_dot_)odonoghue(_at_)navy(_dot_)mil> wrote:

Well, in theory, 802.11a should scale better because of the
shorter range and the additional non-overlapping channels.
Now, I'm not guaranteeing that there won't be other issues we
haven't identified. We haven't had the density on 11a yet to
find the problems we don't know about.  What we do know is that
thus far folks using 11a on IETF networks have been happier than
folks using 11b.

One thing I learned at the IEEE meeting the week following the IETF (where the week started with EXACTLY the same problems as at the IETF) was that the 802.11a specifications left out the "ad hoc mode".

So we're *guaranteed* that no conformant 802.11a card will go into "ad hoc mode", because there ain't no such thing.

Yours for the removal of features....


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