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Re: IONs & discuss criteria

2008-03-06 14:12:26

The call for comments has resulted in some input, and the IESG plans 
to discuss that input at our meeting on Sunday.  In fact there is 
also an experiment on mail list suspension that we will be discussing 
as well.  The two experiments are listed on the web page:

Once this discussion is over, the future of IONs should be clear, and 
I will share with the whole IETF community the outcome of the experiment.

If IONs are not part of the future, then we need to figure out the 
best home for each of the things that has been posted as part of the 


At 03:01 PM 3/6/2008, Ted Hardie wrote:
The call for comments on IONs seems to have ended without
clarifying the effect of the end of the experiment on the standing
of current IONs.  For most of them, I honestly don't think the
standing is much of an issue.  But for the "discuss criteria" ION,
I believe it is a serious issue.  At this point, it is difficult to know
whether the discuss criteria document is in force or not, and the
extent to which the issuing body is bound by it.

I think this is a very bad thing.

I call on Russ to restore this document to its original status as
an Internet Draft and to process it as a BCP.  IESG DISCUSSes are
a very serious part of our process at this point.  Having a community
agreed standard to which IESG members  could be held was always a better
path than than a document approved only by the IESG.  Now that
the ION experiment is over and the status of its document is in
limbo, things are even worse.

The current document is here:

for those readers playing the home game.

                                Ted  Hardie

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