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Re: IONs & discuss criteria

2008-03-10 16:30:32
On Mar 9, 2008, at 10:56 PM, Ted Hardie wrote:

I think you and Tim (and potentially other ADs in areas that have  
teams) are missing an opportunity here.  Over time, these  review  
have been grown to the point where they do their reviews at Last Call
or before.  That's a very good thing. One of the reasons it *could*  
be a good thing
is to foster a culture of general cross area review.  If the Last  
Call reviews by
SAAG, Transport, Applications, and so on were seen as positive  
activities of the
areas, they could help encourage even earlier cross area review,  
either by
those teams or the areas as a whole.  Since that is one of the main  
points of the IETF, that would be, let us say, nice.

To make that happen, though, you'd have to see them as your areas  
Last Call comments into the general Last Call commentary stream.   
are resolved by the shepherds and  the area advisor, not by the  
area directors
for the areas.  The way you're doing it now treats these reviews  
as advice to the area director of a relevant area, to be resolved  
In other words, it continues to make the individual IESG folks the  
focus of the
activity.  That limits the benefits this review can provide, pretty  
much, to
the benefit the IESG can absorb.  If the IESG isn't doing the early  
the review teams don't either.

To put this another way, having vibrant, active review teams for an  
could be an area of leadership. Right now, it looks like they are  
being used
soley as time-management aids for the ADs instead.  That's a real  


There is no intention to treat Last Call comments from individuals  
differently than
those that come from a review team.   ADs *do* submit the same type  
of procedural
discuss to ensure a response to Last Call comments that *weren't*  
generated by
a review team.  I'll agree that such discusses are more commonly  
associated with
Last Call comments from review teams.  That shouldn't be surprising.   
For many
documents, the only cross area reviews come from the review teams.

However, I also expect that Last Call comments that *weren't*  
generated by a review
team are more likely to fall through the cracks.   I know that I am  
more sensitive to the
security directorate reviews than Gen-ART reviews or other Last Call  
comments.   In
addition to being assigned more or less on my behalf, they are  
focused on issues near
and dear to my heart.  I try to read all the Last Call comments, but  
when reviews focus
on issues I don't understand or don't find compelling, I move on.  In  
that case, I will not
notice that a response did not occur.  I suspect that other ADs  
suffer from similar human


Tim Polk

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