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Re: IONs & discuss criteria

2008-03-06 14:14:51
"Cullen" == Cullen Jennings <fluffy(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com> writes:

    Cullen> Ted,

    Cullen> Speaking for myself here but I suspect that other ADs are in the 
    Cullen> boat ... I'm keen to make sure my Discusses are within the 
    Cullen> of the discuss criteria ION regardless of the official status of 
    Cullen> document. Agree we need to sort out what we the end result is of
    Cullen> several experiments. I believe Russ is working to get that some IESG
    Cullen> agenda time.

Ted, as one of the ADs you have most recently interacted with on the
discuss criteria document, I believe that I'm bound by that document
and assume it has the same force as an IESG statement.

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