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Re: IONs & discuss criteria

2008-03-06 17:20:20
Ted, Lakshminath, and the Rest of the IETF Community:

I fail to understand why this has to be a guessing game.

The handling of reviews by non-IESG members seems to be an important 
part of this discussion.  So, I'll tell everyone how I deal with 
Gen-ART Reviews.  Other General ADs may have done things slightly different.

When I use a Gen-ART Review as the basis of a DISCUSS, I put it in 
one of two categories.

(1)  The Gen-ART Review was ignored.  Like any other Last Call 
comment, it deserves an answer.  So, this is a procedural 
objection.  In this situation, I've been careful to say that the 
authors do not need to accept all of the comments, but then need to 
answer them.

(2)  I agree with one or more concerns raised in the Gen-ART Review 
that has not been resolved.  I often break the unresolved review 
comments into DISCUSS and COMMENT.  AD judgement is needed, and I 
consider the DISCUSS Criteria in making that judgement.


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