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Re: IONs & discuss criteria

2008-03-06 14:51:17
At Thu, 06 Mar 2008 13:35:04 -0800,
Lakshminath Dondeti wrote:


Thank you for your statement that you are keen to make sure your 
DISCUSSes are within the parameters of the discuss criteria ION.  I 
appreciate it.  Perhaps I am naive or my understanding of the English 
language is poor (they are both probably true), but could you explain 
how one of your most recent DISCUSSes:

"Cullen Jennings:

Discuss [2008-03-05]:
There has been a lot of discussion about keying modes for
SRTP, so I'm glad to see a document that covers this topic
for MIKEY. For that reason, I think it's really important
to get this right. It looks to me like some of the issues
EKR raises need to be fixed in order to achieve that."

does not fit into the DISCUSS non-criteria?

"Unfiltered external party reviews. While an AD is welcome to consult 
with external parties, the AD is expected to evaluate, to understand and 
to concur with issues raised by external parties. Blindly 
cut-and-pasting an external party review into a DISCUSS is inappropriate 
if the AD is unable to defend or substantiate the issues raised in the 

You chose to not even cut-and-paste the comments.

Doesn't this fall into the category of "evaluate and concur"?

I also wonder which of the DISCUSS criteria fit to advance that specific 
document to an informational RFC.   Are we to guess which of the "the 
issues EKR raises" the authors need to fix?

If only some other area director had excerpted my review
and identified the sections that he felt most clearly needed

Oh, wait, Sam did.


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