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RE: IETF Last Call on Walled Garden Standard for the Internet

2008-03-18 18:23:28

  Hi Avi,

On Tue, March 18, 2008 3:13 pm, Avi Lior wrote:
I suggest we discuss the issues with deriving keys from EMSK so that
people can make informed decisions.  Lets keep the FUD factor low.

  Good idea. Can we start with the Mother Of All Root Keys (MOARK) that
is derived from the EMSK? This seems like a particularly un-scope-able
and undefined key. It is not needed for Handover Keying; all HOKEY needed
to do was define a HOKEY-specific key from the EMSK but it didn't, it
defined a MOARK, and then a HOKEY-specific key is being derived from the

  Since the MOARK is really the only key being derived from the EMSK
I guess this makes for a nicely constrained discussion.


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